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1-Adoption Search E-mailing List

1T To Search the Internet for Software, people, E-mail Addresses, Telephone numbers, Weather, etc - Quick Tools

American Universities

Adoptee and Birthparent Resources and Missing Children Sites

Adoptee & Genealogy Page from Carrie's Crazy Quilt!

Adopt: Assistance, Information, Support for Independent, Open, International & Domestic Adoptions & Searching/Adoptee Issues

Adoptee Rights

Adoptee Related WWW Library

Adoptee Search Center and Registry

Adoptees & Birthparents in Search

Adoptees In Search

Adoptees' Internet Mailing List

Adoptees' Support Forum

Adoptee's Right to Know, An

Adoptee Searchers Handbook (ASH)

Adoptee Search Center

Adoptees By The Million March on Washington for Unity and Civil Rights, 2000

Adoptees' Free Search Registry

Adoptees In Search Classified Ads (AIS)

Adoptees Internet Mailing List (A.I.M.L.)

Adoptees' Searching Resources


Adoption - Home Page

Adoption: A Gathering

Adoption Acronyms, Doug Henderson's Guide to

Adoption Advocates: Adoption Policy Resource Center

Adoption Connection, The

Adoption Crossroads: Adoptee Birthparent Reunion Search Support

Adoption Fraud

Adoption In The Computer Age

Adoption Information

Adoption Laws State by State

Adoption Links

Adoption Network: Support for Adoptees

Adoption on the Usenet

Adoption Policy Resource Center


Adoption Puzzle Pieces

Adoption Records, Search For

Adoption Related Searching

Adoption Revolution Led By Adoptees Searching on the Internet, The

Adoption Search and Find Registry

Adoption Search and Reunion

Adoption Search Page

Adoption Searcher's Handbook, The

Adoption Searching, How To

Adoption Separation Aftermath

Adoption Triad Outreach

Adoption World



Affiliated Genetics

Age Search Information

AJR Newslink

Alabama Birthlink

AltaVista Zip2 Division

AMA Physician Select

America Find, Incorporated

American Adoption Congress, The

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies, The

American Hospital Directory

American Information Network, Inc., The

American Journalist Review News Link

American Missing Persons Search & Locate Service

American School Directory

American Small Town Directory

American United States Databases Search Engines

American Veteran Search

An Adoptee's Journey

Ancestral Findings

Angry Grandma's Adoptees' Links Home Page

Anyday: Today in History

AnyWho: Reverse Telephone Number Search

AT & T 800 Directory


Area Code Decoder

Area Code Listings by Number

Arkansas Adoption Connection

Arkansas Adoption Registry

Associated Press, The

Attorney's Toolbox

Avenue Search at


Barrel of Genealogy Links

Basic Research Suggestions

Bastard Nation

Batteryman's Bookmarks, Searches, and Generally Useful Sites

Behavior Genetics - Great Ideas in Personality

Beaucoup! (English)

Bell Atlantic Area Code Guide

Big Book

Big Brother Page, The

Big Yellow

Bigfoot Directory

Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates, How to obtain

Birth Search National Registry

Birth Star

Birthday Web, World

Birthfathers and Searching, Thoughts On

Birthfathers Only Mailing List

Birthmother Heartstrings

Birthmother Research Project

Birthmothers, National Council of (NCOB)

Birthmothers Never Forget

BirthingDay Original


Bits & Pieces

Black Book Online

Black Market Adoption

Blood Testing(See also "DNA Testing")

Bmom2Amy's Home Page

Bmom's Home Page

British Columbia Yellow Pages

Book Index, Name Base

Butterbox Babies, The story of the Ideal Maternity Home

California Adoption Lawyers, Academy of

California, Adoption Links For

California Adoption Research - Nationwide Adoption Searches

California Department of Motor Vehicles

California Mutual Consent Registry

California, Superior Court of, County of Sacramento

Canada 411

CapWeb - The Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress

Carter's Adoption Search Page

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Church History and Genealogy Research Guide

Catholic Documents & Texts

Catholic Newspapers in Microfilm

Cathy's 3-page adoption site

Cee Art's Home Page

Cemetery Junction

Census, U.S., Age Search Information

Census, U.S., Name Search Information

Census Bureau Home Page, U.S.

Census, U.S., Reading Room

Center For Adoptee Rights, The

Central Coast Investigative Services

Child I Cannot Claim

Chosen Children's Charities

City Of The Silent


Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics(C.A.R.E.)

Cole Baby Adoption Registry

College and University Home Pages

Colorado Marriages and Divorces - Search Input Screen.

Congress, The Internet Guide to, CapWeb

Consumer Law Center (FindLaw)

Corporate Investigative Services (CIS)

Criminal Justice Resources, Online

Criminal Records Online

CSRA Online

CyberPages Registry - Lost and Missing Relatives

Cyn's Adoption Stuff

Database America

Datatrac Home Page

Date and Time, Today's

Dawn's Birthmother/Adoption Resources

Deaf Adoption News Service

Death and Marriage Indexes, State by State

Dee Hardy's Links Pages

Deep Data

Deed and Land Records

Definitive Adoption Links Page, The

Delaware Reunion Registry

Delphic Information Systems

Descriptions of 63 Religions, Faith Groups & Ethical Systems.

Detective Books

Dictionaries & Encyclopediae Topics

Difference, The

Doctor Directory

Documentation and Publication Sources

eDirectory: Search Engines From Around The World

Employment screening including criminal history, credit, driving reports and more.


Family Conflict Resolution

Family Finders Reunion Registry (LDS)

Family History Information (LDS)

Family Ties Adoption Search

Family Tree Climbers

Famous Adoptees and Birthparents


Federal Web Locator, The

Fed Government Beat ... The Government Beat

Federal Gateway, The: U.S. Government Information Clearinghouse

Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics

FedWorld Information Network Home Page

Ferguson's Research. History, Genealogy, Adoptees, Birthparents.

Find Anybody Anywhere

Find anybody that you may be searching for


Find mE-Mail

Find People Fast-Search & Locate Missing Family, Friends & Loved Ones

Finding in Florida




Find Missing Persons - Missing Persons Newsletter/ezine - Missing Persons Bulletin Board

FindLaw Consumer Law Center

First Contact Search Strategy, An Adoptee's

First Name Basis

Flip's Search Resources

Florida Adoption In and Search Information, Geministwo's Home Page

Florida Adoption Links

Florida Online Family Finders

Focus Assoiciates Links Index

Freedom of Information Kit

Freedom of Information Project

Freedom of Information Resources, State and National Information

Geministwo's Home Page, Florida Search Information

Gene Pool, The - Research Aids

Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web

Genealogy Documentation Sources

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Genealogy Software

Genealogy Today

Genetic Testing

Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO)

Georgia Mailing List


Grown Ovum Registry

GTE SuperPages


Her Heritage Maiden Name Directory

Hick's WebSearch

Historical Text Index

H.O.T., Heart of Triad Mailing List

Holocaust, A Cyberlibrary of

Hospital Directory

Homeless and Missing Persons Project


How To Find People's E-mail Addresses

How To Start Searching

Butterfly Line

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