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QuickInfo Corporation

R-U-Out There

Real White Pages ONLINE (tm), The

Records Room, The

Reference.COM Search

Registry, The

Relinquished Registry

Renee's Place

RES-Links: The All-in-One Resource Page

Research It! Your One-stop Reference Desk

Reunitees E-Mail List

ReuniteSec's Home Page

Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup -

Reverse Telephone Number Search, AnyWho

RMI Online Information Services

Roots and Wings Magazine

Rosemary's Searchble Databases and Entry Forms Page

SalesLeads USA

Sally On The Net: Sally Show

Reunion Registry

School Directory

Scrub The Web Search Engine

Search Angels, Individuals - Adoption

Search Engines Worldwide

Search For Adoption Records

Search Investigations

Search It All

Search Triad Incorporated

Search Search Search Search Search

Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth

Searching In Florida

Searching For People

Searching For Someone

Searhing Home Page

Searching Links

Searching's Home Page

Secrecy continued

Seeker, The

Seeker Magazine, The

Seekers of the Lost International Reunion Registry

Semaphore Corporation's Internet Databases, Welcome To

ShadCat's Free Genealogy Listings

Shadow Trackrs Investigative Services

Shea's Search Series

Sherlock@ The Internet Consulting Detective

SnoopsSis's Home Page

SOAR (Safe Online Reunion Registries)

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)Different from above, update to June 1999.

Social Security Frequently Asked Questions

Social Security Number, Issued in which State?

Soundex Conversion Program

South Carolina Online

Southern Lady's Adoptee and Birthparent Links


State Mailing Lists Page

Stalker's Home Page, The

StandingOne's Home Page


Sunflower Birthmom Group

Super Snoops, The - Nationwide Adoption Searches

Suzan's Corner

SuZqueue's 's Ultimate Adoption Bookstore

Switchboard Message Boards

Tammy's Adoption Search Page & Registry for ME, NH & VT

Telephone Directories, International

Telephone Directories On The Web

Telephone Prefix Location List

Telson Spur Internet Search, The

Tennessee Adoption Records Law Challenged in Court, Doe vs Sundquist

Tennessee Reunion Registry

Terminal Illness Emergency Search (T.I.E.S.)

Texas Orphans Census Records including Buckner's Childrens Home in Dallas

Ties That Bind Genealogy, The

Tigger's Haven

Times Around the World, Local

Time Zone Page, The

Tina's Adoption Reform and Search Pages

Together Again Registry

Tonye5's Homepage

Touched By Adoption 2 - The Book

Triangle Corner - A Triad Story & Resources for Adoptees/Birthparents/Aparents

TrustE Directory

Ultimate Internet Search Index, The

Twins Study

United Nations Cartographic Section Web Site

Unlocking The Heart of Adoption

US Gold

US Government, Email Addresses of

US Government Frequently Used Sites

US West Dex - Yellow Pages

U S West Direct. The Directory Source

USA Citylink Project, The

USA Genealogy Links

United States Census Data Browser, Historical

United States Department of the Navy

Uniform Adoption Act Information

Unknown Mothers - Anguished Daughters

Vietnam Casualties by State and City

Vietnam Casualty Search Page, The

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall, The

VitalChek Home Page

Voices For Open Records: Who We Are

Voices Of Adoption

Volunteer Network, The

Volunteer Search Network, The (VSN)

Voyeur, Welcome to

Washington State Adoption Search Reunion and Reform

Web66: International School Web Site Registry


Webgator Resources for Adoptees


Where Are They, Inc. - Missing Persons

Where Did They Move To?

Who? Me? - Is someone looking for you?

William Webb's Resources

Wingy's World, Welcome To

World Email Directory (WED)

World Search Directory (WED)

World Wide Profile Registry (WWPR)

World's Largest Adoptee Related Link Page

World's Phonebooks

World's Telephone Directories on the Web

Worldpages Find Anything. Anyone. Anywhere. Wrongful Adoption

Wyoming State Home Page

Yahoo People Search

Yearbooks and Adoption Website

ZIP Code Lookup & Address Information, USPS

ZIP+4 Code Lookup, USPS

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