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Newfoundland Cemeteries - Page 2

Faith Pentecostal Cemetery
Long Cove
Trinity Bay
First United Church Cemetery
Corner Brook
Fortune Salvation Army Cemetery
Fortune Bay
Fortune United Church Cemetery
Burin/fortune Bay
General Protestant Cemetery
Hamilton Ave
Saint John's
General Protestant Church
Bonavista District
Gooseberry Island North Cemetery
Gooseberry Island
Gooseberry Island North Cemetery #2
Gooseberry Island
Gooseberry Island South Cemetery
Gooseberry Island
Grand Bruit Cemetery
Grenfell Street Cemetery
Happy Valley
Happy Valley Anglican Cemetery
Hamilton River Road
Happy Valley Moravian Cemetery
Hamilton River Road
Happy Valley Pentecostal Cemetery
Hamilton River Road
Hare Bay United
Bonavista Bay
Haystack Anglican Cemetery
Hay Stack
Haystack Cemetery
Placentia Bay
Haystack United Church Cemetery
Hay Stack
Highlands R.C. Cemetery
Bay St. George
Hodder's Island
Gander Bay
Holy Cross Anglican Cemetery
Holy Cross R.C. Cemetery
Conception Bay Highway
Holy Cross R.C.cemetery
Kennedy's Lane
Holy Innocent Anglican Cemetery
Holy Seplecure
Topsail Road
St.john's a1e 5w3
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery
Bay Of Islands
Holy Trinity Cemetery
Bay Bulls
Ferryland District
Holy Trinity, Cemetery
Codroy Valley
Indian Bay Cemetery
Bonavista Bay
Jamestown Salvation Army Cemetery
Joe Batt's Arm Cemetery
Joe Batt's Arm Roman Catholic
Johovah's Witnesses Cemetery
Bonavista Bay
Keels Anglican Cemetery
King's Cove Cemetery
King's Cove
Lady Love Cemetery
Lady Cove
Trinity Bay
Lewisporte Anglican Cemetery
Little Burnt Bay New Cemetery
Little Harbor
Bonavista Bay
Little St. Joseph's Cemetery
Long Pond Faith Pentecostal Cemetery
Long Ponds
Lookout United Church
Bonavista Bay
Loon Bay United Church Cemetery
Mainland R.C.cemetery
Port Au Port
St. George
Margaree Cemetery
Mattis Point Cemetery
Mattis Point
Bay St. George
Merritt's Harbour

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