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The Cemetery Trail  

The Cemetery Trail by Eric Miller Welcome!

We're pleased to have Eric Miller join our team of writers with this series of interesting stories you wouldn't know about if you had just walked through the cemeteries.

At the Foot of the Trail - An introduction to this series of articles.

A Man Named Spaulding - Part One: A story about the man who was once thought to be the author of the Book of Morman.

A Massacre Re-Discovered - Part Two: The site of this revolutionary event was a surprise to the workers that came to work one day.

Along the River Bed - Part Three: Some tributes to our ancestors can be found in the most unusual places.

A Father And His Flock - Part Four: Father Gallitzin brought together urban congregations and mountain parishioners.

Cemetery Dynamics - Part Five: Many cemeteries remain divided by race, ethnicity or religion.  NEW!




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