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Join Our Team

Many people have told us stories about their 'finds' when contacting cemeteries. Many families purchased entire lots from the local cemetery, and when you request a copy of the lot card for a single relative, you often unexpectedly find other relatives in the same lot.

Unfortunately there are thousands of cemeteries in the United States, many of which are now retired, and in some cases even forgotten or lost due to mother nature. The Cemetery Junction project is about bringing all of this information into a single directory; linking online listings of interments; making addresses available through an online catalog and dynamic search engine.

The amount of work involved in a project of this size is enormous, so we're asking avid genealogist to help us out. It's easier than you think! Many individuals, like yourself, live in different geographic regions of the country. To help us out, just grab your local yellow pages, find the cemetery listings, type them into an e-mail message and send it to webmaster@daddezio.com.

If you have the time (and since they would be local calls for you), please call each cemetery and ask what year it was formed, and what county it is in. Be sure to add this to the e-mail message.

Be sure to list your name, city and state, and we'll add you to our wall of fame, honoring those individuals who have contributed. Before you know it, we'll have the whole country covered and the database will be online for everyone to use!




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