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The MyFamily People Finder offers a great and easy way to find lost family members and friends. Their reports offer more details and greater accuracy than most competitors at a better price!

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Basic People Finder Report:

For All Matches the basic report may include:
-- Name
-- Address
-- City
-- State
-- Zip code
-- Phone number
-- Age

Detailed People Finder Report:

In addition to the basic report data, the detailed report may also include the following for selected matches:
-- The most current address and phone number available
-- Previous addresses
-- Other names the person may be known by
-- Names and contact information for possible relatives
-- Names and addresses for neighbors at current and previous addresses

Data is compiled from many sources of public records to provide you with contact information for individuals all over the US. This extensive pool of data can be helpful in locating a lost loved one.

Additional Information

Finding Living People Using the Internet
by Kip Sperry

If you are looking for living friends and relatives, colleagues, lost cousins, or old schoolmates, you might be able to find them by using reference sources and computers. Some useful sources for locating living individuals include telephone directories, city directories, newspapers, genealogies, school yearbooks, and the Internet. If you donít have access to the Internet in your home, you can use this resource in public and university libraries.

Tools for Locating People Online
by George G. Morgan

Gathering information from family members can be an important part of your investigative research. I am a proponent of making contact with and interviewing absolutely every family member you can locate. By making a simple phone call or sending e-mail, you can establish contact with distant or "lost" relatives, perhaps opening a dialog that will result in locating valuable data. You never know where you will obtain that all-important fact you've been seeking.

Finding Ancestors' Records in the United States
by Raymond S. Wright III, Ph.D., AG

Review in your minds the steps in the family history research process: Learn what is known about an ancestor, (the names of spouses, children, parents, siblings), decide which record types will likely have the information you seek, find and search the selected records. Local libraries can help you find needed records. The largest collection of these records is found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 1938 the Library has been microfilming local, state, and national records in the United States.



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