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Research Services  

Finding People in Greece

Here are some online telephone directories with links to the search pages.

The Complete Greek Phone Directory

Online search with three options: (1) If you know the whole last name; (2) Find to whom does the number belong; and (3) If you know only part of the last name.

White Pages (in Greek & English)

Greek Telephone Directories (from OTE)

The most complete and updated Alpha and Classified Directories of Greece, listing more than 5 million telephone subscribers, over 100.000 professionals classified under 1250 headings as well as the telex and telefax subscribers.

White Pages (in Greek only)


ARTEMIS is an Hellenic catalogue of Internet users. There is no charge for using the service, however, you must register before you can perform a search.

Internet Directory (in Greek & English)

Yahoo! Profiles

A Yahoo! Public Profile is a page that lets other users find out about you. Use your Profile to let friends, family, and the world know about you.

Search where location=Greece.



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