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 Information Sources

Entries are placed into these databases from one of three possible sources.

1. One of our editors finds a site of interest while researching their genealogy.

2. Using the new submit features on the databases, visitors enter their information.

3. Fellow webmasters contact us about some information they have collected and are willing to share.

Research Services  

About Our Local Databases

All information submitted by visitors in merged and sorted into these databases once a month and then the site is updated.

Surname Web Sites

Webmasters who manage sites/pages which deal with specific surname research are invited to add their sites to the database. This feature provides the quickest way for visitors to determine if there is a site dedicated to their own surname. Add your site now!

Classified Ad Service

This service allows individuals (who do not have a web site/page) to announce requests for information about particular surnames. Either through an e-mail address or traditional postal address, visitors can search and contact each other. Submit your own query!

Surnames Related to D'Addezio

The best way to see if we are related is to search through the list of surnames that are connected with D'Addezio's. [SEARCH NOW!]



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