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 What's so Special?

Why aren't these interesting sites listed on the main surname search page?

There are two basic methods for using forms on the Internet. Only searches which use the GET method work with the main search code we have written.

This page offers a few which only work using the POST method.

Research Services  

Other Specialized Resources

If you know of a resource on the web that you think 5:23 PM 10/10/98would be of interested to our visitors, let us know!

Roots Surname List

This is an interface to the Roots Surname List (RSL). In the form below, at least the first two letters of the surname (that is, at least Sm from Smith or Is from Isaacson) are required.

(province, state or country abbreviation)

Hall of Names

The largest surname database on the internet. Researched over 25 years by professional historians. A glimpse into your family name history.



Relatively Seeking

To find out if someone is looking for YOU, or someone you know:



The Computerized Ancestor

An internet database furnished by Yates Publishing, consisting of an index to over 730,000 family group sheets.



Lineages' Next of Kin

Next of Kin displays compiled family trees using lineage-linked pedigree charts and family group records.



FEEFHS Surname Index

FEEFHS stands for: Federation of East European Family History Societies.



VietNam Casualty Search Page


American Memory (Lib. of Congress)



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