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Greek Mythology  

Creation of the Gods in Mythology

The world was formed from a great mass called Chaos. Out from Chaos came Gaea, the earth Goddess. She gave birth to a son, Uranus, and together they had six children. Three 100-handed giants and three one-eyed Cyclopes. Uranus was not pleased with his offspring and sent them to the underworld.

On their second try, Uranus and Gaea produce seven Titans: CLYMENE, HYPERION, KRONOS, PHALLA, PHOEBE, RHEA, TETHYS.

Gaea, however, was still upset that Uranus banished their other children, she told the Titans about what Uranus had done and asked them to seek revenge. They did, castrating Uranus, but when they saw the other children, they agreed they were too ugly to allow out of the underworld.

Kronos marries Rhea, they have five children, but since Gaea had warned him that one of his offspring would overthrow him, Kronos swallows his own children. Rhea gets tired of this so with the sixth child she runs away to Crete and hides her new baby, Zeus. Apparently she gave Kronos a big rock when he asked for the child, and he went ahead and swallowed it.

Zeus grows up, Rhea tells him the story about his siblings, and he plots revenge against Kronos. He poisons Kronos, and his siblings pop out of Kronos belly (after the rock, of course). After this Zeus tries to take over, but the other Titans wont recognize him, so they start a war.

Rhea tells Zeus about her first six children, and with their help he wins over the Titans. Then he takes the whole family to Mt. Olympus (hence the Olympian Gods).

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