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Military Records  

Italians Involved in the Barbary Wars

Provided by: Mike Bacarella

Volunteers with General Eaton in his expedition to Derne, Tripoli 1804-1805

It would be a great accomplishment indeed if anyone comes forward with more information on these men, for then we can include them in the history books, and the Sicilians can take with pride a new position that is a little closer to the founding of the USA.

These were volunteers with General William Eaton in his expediton to attack the Tripoli city of Derne. Led by Eaton eight US marines, two US midshipmen, a company of Greeks, an Italian artillery company and 500 Mamelukes, Arabs, and Beduians trekked 500 miles through the Lybian desert then, supported by naval gunfire, attacked the fort. The marines planted the US flag on the wall after a three hour battle and Derne surrended. This brought an end to the War with Tripoli.

The Roman numerals indicate the volume in the seven volume set of the Naval Documents of the Barbary Wars.

Abbate, Lorenzo > Sicilian servant of Eaton
Aidomi, Nicola > cannoneer V, VI
Anastasi, ? > enlisted in Rosetta, January 8, 1805 V
Arcavani, Angelo > cannoneer V, VI
Barlotie, Antonio > Sergeant of the Cannoneer s V, VI
Bianchi, Bortolo > cannoneer V, VI
Bisson, Francesco > cannoneer V, VI
Bosbor, Giovanni > Cannoneer V, VI
Caroffalla, Giorgio > Sargent cannoneer V, VI
Cheles, Michele > cannoneer enlisted in Rosetta, January 8, 1805 V, VI
Constantino, Bart > Lieutenant enlisted Alexandria, January 11, 1805 V
Dardelli, Picola > cannoneer V, VI
DeMatre, ? > enlisted in Rosetta, January 3, 1805
Galeazzi, Giuseppe > cannoneer VI
German, Battista > cannoneer V, VI
Gilo, Filippo > cannoneer VI
Goga, Giorgio enlisted in Rosetta January 8, 1805; 
aka Gago or Goree; He was wounded at Derne V, VI
Santuari, Gervasio > Colonel; born in Piedmont; 
aka Jean Eugene Leitensdorfer V, VI
Mariana, Giorgio > cannoneer V
Mendrici, Francisco > Chief Physician of the expedition; 
aka Medrice V, VI
Milano, Giovani > cannoneer enlisted in Rosetta January 8, 1805
Paolo, ? > enlisted in Rosetta January 4, 1805 V, VI
Raguseo, Giovanni > cannoneer V, VI
Robert, Pietro > cannoneer enlisted in Alexandria January 19, 1805
Rocco, ? > Lieutenant cannoneer enlisted in Rosetta V January 
5, 1805 aka Roco
Romano, ? > enlisted in Cairo December 25, 1804 V
Sargente, Magnan > cannoneer V, VI
Somarilli, Bernardo > cannoneer aka Somerville V, VI
Stratti, Antonfi > cannoneer V, VI
Tambore, ? > enlisted in Cairo December 25, 1804 aka Tambora
Vale, Giacomo > cannoneer V, VI
Vaselia, > > enlisted in Rosetta January 4, 1805

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