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Military Records  

The Forgotten Wars

The Forgotten Wars

Written by: Howard P,. Nash, Jr.

The U.S. Navy in the Quasi-war With France and The Barbary Wars, 1798-1805

Suported by a wealth of sources comprising biographies and papers of statesmen and naval officers, and documents of and commentaries upon naval and political history, Howard Nash's book presents a fresh look at an exciting period of American history: the era of te undeclared war with France and of the Barary States Wars, from 1798 through 1805.

The first section of this two-part account presents a detailed picture of America's role in the diplomatic and mitary arena of the Old World at a time when the wounds of the American Revolution were still fresh and the price of maintaining honor abroad and safety at home as yet undetermined.

The involvement of the young nation in foreign affairs is delineated step by step against the background of unavoidable and distressing conflict with France and the ensuing game of international chess played upon the waters of the East- and West-Indian theaters of action. The long-standing menace of piracy in North African waters, the threat to American economy and prestige, and the resolution of these problems is taken up in the second part.

Fully illustrated with maps and a gallery of men and vessels involved, The Forgotten Wars makes for excitingly informative reading for both the scholarly and the casual reader.

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