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Names from G

Names of Girls from G

Gaea: Mother Earth

Gaetana: A Little Gypsy

Gandaki: A River

Gania: Garden of God

Ganika: A Female Elephant

Ganita: Mathematics

Gargi: A Women saint from the Vedic Era

Gati: Speed

Gaur Mata: Goddess Parvati

Gehna: Jewel

Gemma: Name of a saint

Gemma: Precious Gem

Genesis: The Beginning


Giti: One who chants in a singing fashion

Glain: Magical snake's egg. Also an island off the coast of North Wales, UK

Gnaneshwari: Goddess Sarswati

Gorja: Goddess Parvathi

Greta: A Pearl

Grishma: Season (Autumn in Particular)

Guna: Bestowed with Qualities



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