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Names from H

Names of Boys from H

Hadass: An Israeli Name. Means "A plant which smells good"

Haihaya: The Horse

Hamsa: Swan

Hans: Swan

Hansin: The universal Soul

Hansraj: The King of Swans

Hara: The Remover of Sins. A Name of Lord Shiva


Harihara: A Name of Lord Vishnu

Harihara: Unified being with Vishnu

Hariyanka: One who sits on the Lap of Vishnu

Hassib: The Reckoner. A Name for Allah


Hiram: Noble. King of Tyre who helped Solomon build his temple and David his palace. A Biblical Name

Hiranyak: Name of a Maharishi

Hiren: Lord of the Diamonds

Hridika: Of heart

Hrishikesha: The Lord of the Senses

Hrithik: From the Heart. Because Hridaya means heart and Hrithik means From the Heart. It can also mean Friendship.



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