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Names from M

Names of Boys from M

Maderu: Worthy of praise

Maelgwyn: A Welsh King

Magnus: Wisdom

Mahakaya: Gigantic. A Name for Lord Hanuman

Mahanidhi: Great Storehouse. A Name for Lord Shiva

Mahapurush: Great Being. A Name for Lord Rama


Malaya: A Forest


Manojavaya: Speed Like Wind. A Name for Lord Hanuman

Manomay: Conqueror Of Ones Heart

Mantram: Holy Name. Lord Vishnu

Manzoor: To Accept

Marius: Brave and Strong.

Maroun: A Name of a Lebanese Saint


Maximus: The strong and wise


Milap: Coming Together

Mithil: Kingdom

Moises: Healer

Moriko: Means "The Child of the Forest" in Japanese.

Mudabbir: A Name of Allah, The Almighty. It means that HE created the Whole Working System of the Universe.

Mukut: Crown

Murari: One with the Flute. Lord Krishna

Musawwir: The Fashioner.A Name for Allah

Muta Ali: The Most Exalted. A Name for Allah

Mutakabbir: The Majestic. A Name for Allah



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