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Adolf Hitler: The Name

The following is a News item which appeared in the Indian Express of 29th Sept 1998.

"Lets face it. If your surname happens to be Hitler and your parenst christen you as Adolf, life is not going to easy.

But a retired Austrian truck driver quoted in a German Newspaper on Sunday as saying he never changed his name out of Respect for his mother and Father.

I often thought my life would be lot easier if I had another name, 60 year old Adolf Hitler told Welt Am Sonntag newspaper.

No one ever believed him that his name was Adolf Hitler.. I get anonymous calls in the middle of the night from people who say 'Heil Hitler' or 'we have someone here for the gas chamber', he said. But I never chaged it because I am proud of my parents.

Hitler was attending a conference for people with infamous names" in Braunau, an Austrian town just across border from Germany.

He said his name once cost him a construction job at a dam project in Austria. An engineer asked the workers their names. "The first one answered 'Tony Sailer', the same as the famous skier. And when he got to me I said'I am Adolf Hitler' and he threw us all out.'

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