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  • This Website was reviewed by Times of India, Bangalore on Monday, August 3rd 1998
  • What's in a rare name ?? Much. There is a fascination as well as curiosity. 16 year old Gauresh Mehra, who believes his name is uncommon too, plans to start a web page devoted to Rare Indian Names.

    But this PUC student in Mahaveer Jain College already has a web site titles "Your Office". It gives Office Advice. Young gauresh was first introduced to the digital world 2 years ago when his parents first bought a PC. Since then , surfing the Web and Web Page Building have been his passion along with Philately, Chess and Quizzing. He is a keen public Speaker and the Member of the Toastmasters Club.

    I want my page to get as many hits as possible. I want computers to help me rise to fame" , he says.

The Hindu

  • The following article was published in "The Hindu" (Bangalore Edition dated October 12)

    "Rare Names Did you say" Whats in a name yet again? Well, Gauresh Mehra, a 1stPUC student from Mahaveer Jain College, has taken up this question seriously, very seriously. He has gone ahead ans created a Website called "GM Web", a comprehensive archive of Rare Names from around the Globe.

    Plus, the site has facts about these unheard names with a facility to add new names. The site could be visited at www.nameandfame.com. For more catch the creator himself at his e-mail gauresh@hotmail.com

    Rasheed Kappan.

    This site was also reviewed by Web Vision, Dheer Weekly and Bangalore Fortnightly



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