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What's a Rare Name

Here are some definitions of a Rare Name...

"A Rare Name is like a Coat made out of the finest material. Envied by those who don't have it. Worn with pride and confidence by those who do. A Rare Name surprises you. Makes you exclaim that I have never heard this name before! What does it mean?" -By Gauresh Mehra

A rare name is a size 11 Italian leather shoe to an infant. To the child they are useless, chunky and regrettable. As the infant grows into the shoes and is able to stride confidently, the now adult can respect the uniqueness of the valuable shoes; besides they make him stand out. -By Kijuana Wilks

A rare name is a sound you hear and will never forget -By Toolsforubyjose@aol.com

A rare name is finding a poppy in the middle of a field of white daisies. It comes as a shock, a surprise, and is most often welcomed as a pleasant change from the mundane. -By Meghan Ferguson

Rare Name is the precious pearl got from the deep sea. -By Kanchan

A rare name is the best gift a mother and father can give their child, it gives some one the confidence to say "I AM DIFFERENT, AND SPECIAL".
Sent by monica_carroll@yahoo.com

To have the utmost satisfaction and pride to say that I am over 30 years old, and I have yet to meet or hear of an actual person with MY name. -By Ada Bucholtz

What is a name? Is it what defines who you are on a first impression? How can you be the same as all the other people who might share your name? How diconcerting to hear, "Oh yes, I know people with that name too, they're just like you." I am my own person. Rarity in a name, is a burst of the unexpected in a crowded concert of people all screaming the same name. Scream something different, and see how many people turn their heads to look at you. -By Kerri Afira Cordle

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