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Names of Ganesha

The "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others don't. If you have the meaning of any name then mail it to us at webmaster@nameandfame.info

  • Bhoovanpati: Lord Of The Lord -M
  • Devadeva: Lord of All Lords -M
  • Dharmik: One who favours Dharma or Righteousness -M
  • Durja: the Invincible -M
  • Ekaakshara: Of The Single Syllable -M
  • Gaurisuta: Son Of Gauri -M
  • Gunina: Lord Of all virtues -M
  • Kaveesha: Lord Of Poets -M
  • Manomay: Conqueror Of Ones Heart -M
  • Rudrapriya: Beloved of Shiva -M, -F
  • Shambhavi: Son Of Parvati -M,-F
  • Shubhan: One who is Auspicious -M
  • Vikat: Of The Monstrous Figure -M
  • Yashvasin: The Popular -M
  • Sumukh -M



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