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About Gauresh Mehra

I am Gauresh Mehra, the creator of NameAndFame.com

Gauresh Mehra

My inspiration was the fact that my own first name "Gauresh" was a rare Indian Name. Initially it was just a collection of 50 names. But as people started visiting it, they contributed more names to it and the phenomenon just grew. The site received wide media coverage in publications like The Times of India, Indian Express, India Abroad etc. With more names coming in it was time to get a little more professional.

In 2000 the site was launched with a new look under the domain NameAndFame.com and then there was no looking back. This site was all along different from other Baby Name Sites because of the main reason that it had only Rare Names and not all common names. It became very useful for parents looking for Baby Names for their children.

For information about me, my hobbies and contact information, click here.



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