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About This Site

Thanks for visiting our newest web site, although for us this feels like one of the oldest. We've been working on it since May 1998, a few months after we built our cemetery directory. Our visitors have been telling us over and over how difficult it is to locate records of the ancestors.

We listened, but in the process we also learned how hard it was to bring together thousands of links from hundreds of web sites scattered aroung the Internet.

At last we are proud to launch this labour of love, and it is truely our way of saying "Thank You" to all of our Internet friends who contributed information and convinced us to plough through this enormous undertaking. Even after all our work, there are still so many records out there we have yet to catalog.

While we will make our best effort to ensure all of the information on this site is accurate, we cannot make any guarantees. Likewise, we will try to keep the site clear of any illicit information or materials for mature audiences. We want this to be a family site, but some visitors might have other intentions.

There are also links to other sites scattered throughout our site. We are not responsible for the accuracy or appropriateness of the content on any of these sites. Having a link on our site is not a recommendation or implied approval.

With that said, "Please enjoy our site!"

Illya D'Addezio, editor

p.s. The best place to start is our Vital Records directory.



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