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Ancestor Publishers Microfiche, CA
Belmont History
Bodie, CA
Burlingame Historical Society
Calaveras Co., CA
CA Books We Own
CA GenWeb Project
CA Historical Society
CA Indian Library Collections
CA Mennonite Historical Society
CA Missions Interactive
CA Newspaper Project
CA State HomePage
Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, San Jose
Colma, Tales from
Death Valley
Desert Gold: Gen Society of the Morongo Basin
Eugene Ring and the California Goldrush
Grass Valley Grass Roots Genealogical Group
Hi-Desert Genealogical Society
High Sierra History
Mendocino and Lake Counties, History of
Military Order of the Loyal Legion
Native Americans and Early Settlers of Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, CA
Nevada County Historical Society
Palo Alto Historical Association
Placer County Genealogical Society
Regional Oral History Office at the University of CA
Russian Settlement of Fort Ross, CA, History of
Sacramento County, Great Register of
San Bernardino Descendants
San Diego Area Genealogy
San Diego Historical Society
San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogy Society
San Francisco County Genealogy - Genealogical resources and links for researching San Francisco ancestors including libraries and archives, vital records, history, cemeteries and queries and other helpful information.
San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco History
San Jose and Silicon Valley History
San Luis Obispo County Historical Society
San Mateo County Gen Society
Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
Santa Clarita Valley History in Pictures
Silicon Valley PAF Users Group Home Page
Silicon Valley (CA) PAF Users Group
Solano's Past, Echo's of
Southern Calif Genealogical Society
South Orange Co., CA Genealogy Society
Special Collections at Sonoma University
Tahoe, Old Time
Whittier Area Genealogical Society

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