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54th Massachusetts Infantry
African-American Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes
African American Ancestry
African-American Civil War Memorial
African-American Collection at University of Missouri-St.Louis
Albany Museum Ancestry Research - Genealogy
African American Freedom Fighters
African-American Genealogical Sources at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
African American Genealogy: A Bibliography for Beginners
African American Heritage of St. Louis / St. Louis Pub. Lib, 1992
African-American How-To Guide
African Studies WWW (U. Penn)
Afrigeneas - African American Roots
Afrigeneas Mailing list
Afro-American Registry
Afro-American Sources in Virginia
Black/African Resources
Black and African American Studies
Black Troops in the Spanish-American War
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Department: African-American Genealogy
Genealogical Society of South Africa - Computer Interest Group
Ghanaian Newsrunner
Guide to Tracing Your African American Civil War Ancestor
Nation Newspaper
Potchefstroom University (S.A.)
Rand Afrikaans University (S.A.)
Rhodes University (S.A.)
Slave Entries in Wills, Deeds, Etc.
Small Towns, Black Lives: The Cemetery
Stellenbosch University (S.A.)
United States Colored Troops
United States Colored Troops: The Civil War
University of Cape Town (S.A.)
University of Durban - Westville (S.A.)
University of Natal (Durban) (S.A.)
University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) (S.A.)
University of the Orange Free State (S.A.)
University of Port Elizabeth (S.A.)
University of Pretoria (S.A.)
University of South Africa (S.A.)
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (S.A.)
Usenet Newsgroup soc.genealogy.african
Vista University (S.A.)
The Walk to Canada - Tracing the Underground Railroad

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