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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Page
Archives of Australia
Archives Authority of New South Wales
Australia - A site for tracking your forebears with information and links on Archives, Libraries and Societies in Australia; Birth Death and Marriage Records (Vital Records); Cemetery Records; Genealogy Reference Tools; Occupational Records; Shipping and Immigration Records; Genealogy Software Sites and Web Sites for Genealogists.
Australasian Association Of Genealogists And Record Agents
Australia & New Zealand
Australian and International Family History Research
Australian Capital Territory & National Institution Libraries
Australian Family History Compendium
Australian Family Tree Connections
Australian Genealogy How To Guide
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc.
Australian Registrars Of Births Deaths & Marriages
Brisbane Dead Persons Society
British Convicts to Australia - British Convicts (names and numbers crime & sentence) between 1850 and 1868. Also listings of all convict ships to come to Western Australia during the convict era.
Canberra Dead Persons Society (DPS)
Cemeteries in and around Gunning Shire, New South Wales
Censuses In Australian Colonies
Central Queensland Family History Association
Civil Registration - Australian BDM criteria
Cornish Association of Victoria, Australia
Dead Persons Society
Dead Persons Society (DPS) Canberra ACT Australia - Home Page
Directory of Archives in Australia
District Registrars in South Australia
Family History Events - Australian Family History Compendium
Geelong Family History Group Inc. (GFHG)
Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc.
Genealogy Addresses for the Australian Capital Territory
Genealogy Addresses for the State of New South Wales
Genealogy Addresses for Northern Territory
Genealogy Addresses for the State of Queensland
Genealogy Addresses for the State of South Australia
Genealogy Addresses for the State of Tasmania
Genealogy Addresses for the State of Victoria
Genealogy Addresses for the State of Western Australia
Genealogy Calendar of Upcoming Events - Australia
Genealogy Helplist - Australia
Genealogy in Australia
Genealogy Library: Flinders University
Genealogy New Zealand
The Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.
Index Projects at the Public Record Office, Victoria's Archives
Index to Inward Overseas Passengers from Foreign Ports 1852 - 1859
Jewish Ozzies' Inter.Net
LDS Family History Center Address Submission Form
List of Australian (and NZ) Ged2html Sites
Location Of South Australian Records
Lonely Graves in South Australia
Marriage Witness Indexes for United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand
Melbourne PAF Users Group
The Military Historical Society of Australia
National Archives of Ireland: Transportation Records&
National Heritage Datapoint
National Library of Australia
New Zealand Research
NZ Directory Search
Northern Territory Library
Old Association of Local and Family History Societies
Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Emigrant"
Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Lizzie Webber"
Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Lord Delaval"
Passengers on the Emigrant Ship "Saldanha"
Public Record Office - Victoria's Archives
Queensland Family History Society Inc.
Resources in Australia and New Zealand
Sailing Ship the India Lost at Sea 1841
Ships & Passenger Lists
Society of Australian Genealogists
South Australian Cemeteries
South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc.
South Australian Transported Convicts
State Library of New South Wales - Family History Service
State Library of South Australia
State Library of Tasmania Home Page
State Library of Victoria - Genealogy Centre
University of Sydney Archives
Usenet Newsgroup soc.genealogy.australia+nz
Victorian GUM Inc.
Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.
Whakapapa Maori Genealogy
White Pages Phone Directory for Australia
Woodend and District Heritage Society

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