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Acadian and Cajun Heritage
ACADIE-NET (en francais)
Bienvenue chez Mireille LagacÚ
British Columbia Genealogical Society
Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG
Canadian Genealogy Made Easy- The Todman's Homepage Surname, military and graduation searches. Will provide help if needed!!
Canadian Government Geographic Locator Service
Canadian Great War
Canadian Military Heritage Project
Canadian National Archives
Denis Beauregard Genealogy Page, The
Eastern Townships-Quebec.
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
Genealogical Institute of the Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada, The
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
Genealogy - Acadian and French Canadian
Hugi's Homepage - French Quebec genealogy.
Immigration Records - Genealogical Sources in Canada
Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada
J-GEMS - The Jewish Genealogical Exploration Guide for Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
National (Canada) Atlas Information Service
National Library of Canada
Newfoundlands South Coast Genealogy
Nova Scotia Genweb Project
OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid)
OCFA-Genealogy Links
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
Quebec, Eastern Townships and New England Genealogy
Quebec Family Historical Society's Home Page
Search 1871 Census of Canada-Ontario
Simcoe County, Ontario
Societe Genealogique De L'est Du Quebec (SGEQ)
Walk to Canada - Tracing the Underground Railroad
Yukon Area - An index of 260 Australians arriving in the Yukon Territory in 1898-1899, heading for the Klondike gold fields. Extensive resources to take you further..

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