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Buying a Full Page

For only five cents a day, a society can have an entire page dedicated to your society. Not only can it list the full details of your group, it will list membership information and publications. This is a great way to generate additional revenue!

Here is an example of a Full Page listing:

        New Providence Historical Society

If you are interested in purchasing a Full Page Listing for your organization, please send a check or money order (payable to Illya D'Addezio) for $18.25 (five cents a day for 12 months) to:

        c/o Illya J. D'Addezio
        74 Forest Road
        New Providence, NJ 07974

Your fee includes all of the web design work necessary to prepare your page! Just send us any details that the society would like included along with logos and/or pictures. We'll take care of the scanning and page creation. When the page is ready, it will be linked from the Free listing in our directory.

Special offer: Purchase your Full Page Listing before January 1, 1999 and get an additional 12 months for only $6.75 more!

If this is too high for your budget, consider purchasing our Triple-Size listing.



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