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This site is about helping the genealogy community find information about their ancestors. Cemeteries are an excellent source for genealogy, and are especially prone to surprises!

Many of the cemeteries in this directory are linked to transcriptions entered by volunteers, so please remember to thank the individuals who took the time to prepare them.

Online Directories

United States Cemeteries
First published in January 1999 and now has 48,289 listings.

United States Cemeteries

Canadian Cemeteries
First published in June 2001 and now has 2,126 listings.

Canadian Cemeteries

Australian Cemeteries
First published in April 2000 and now has 496 listings.

Australian Cemeteries

Family Cemeteries
First published in February 2000 and now has 28,051 listings.

Family Cemeteries

Obituary Depot
First published in August 2000 and has moved to its own site!  

U.S. Obituary Sources

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Special Features

Cemetery Trail by Eric Miller Join us on The Cemetery Trail where our host, Eric Miller, will be making many stops at cemeteries around the country.

C.J. Gardens & Memorial Park was created for people who wish to share their loss with others so that their loved ones will not be forgotten. Visit this service and learn how you can add a memorial.

A total of 451 American children were buried in the Main Cemetery in Kaiserslautern, Germany between 1952 and 1971. Search this list.

More Information at Cemetery Junction

Copying tombstones to record a listing to share with others, can be a rewarding pastime. Kathleen Last shares some of her tricks in Chalk One Up For the Ancestors.

Most cemeteries keep simple, but informative, records for plots within the cemetery. Find out how to get copies in our article, Writing to a Cemetery for Lot Cards.

Cemetery History Lesson

Between 20,000 and 75,000 years ago, Neanderthals began to bury their dead. The first burials, however, may have been quite unintentional. Read this article about Cemeteries from Joel GAzis-SAx.

The name mausoleum comes from a grand tomb built for King Mausolus by his wife (and incidentally also his sister) Artemisia, around 353 B.C.. Read this article about Mausoleums from Douglas Keister.

Missing Cemeteries

If you know of a cemetery that is not listed, use our online form.


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Have you built a page for local cemeteries? Or transcribed an inactive cemetery? Submit your URL's for a free listing.

Cemetery: A graveyard. Graveyard: A cemetery. (This is from a pretty decent dictionary. Go figure!) In Reality: A final resting place for your ancestors, to be respected fully. Ways this word is NOT spelled: cemetary, cementary, cemetry, cemetey, cementum. Cementum: A bony substance covering the root of a tooth.

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The word cemetery is actually a euphemism: "He has gone to his last rest" from the Greek word koimeterion, meaning dormitory, which stems from the word koiman, meaning to put to sleep. Obtained from the Dictionary of Word Origins by Joseph T. Shipley (Dorset Press, New York)

Also visit: Cemetery Records Online and USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project.

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