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Genealogy Services With,
"Be yourself on the Internet" makes it possible for Net surfers to use their surname like a domain name. For example, Michel Magne can obtain the email address and the URL

With, you are "yourself" on the Internet. This service, free for all the surnames housed on (more than 1000 currently), relies on the concept of sharing. Thus Michel Magne will share the domain name with all other Magnes on the planet.

As soon as you are registered on you can start using and enjoying their e-mail and start page services, for free. developed a web interface for your email. It allows you to access your messages from any computer, all you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet. This way you can read your personal email from work or while travelling, and you have the same level of functionality as with a classic email: address book, file attachments, folders to sort your messages, etc.

From your start page you can access all the information pertaining to your account. You can change your password, choose your language and much more.

If your surname does not match any domain name currently hosted on, they help you buy your domain name online for a mere $35. Hosting it on is then free and you get Premium Service for yourself and ten of your relatives (same last name).

Of course you remain the unrestricted and permanent owner of your domain name. As such you are free to discontinue at any time the free hosting service that provides to your domain.

For more information, visit the home page.


Created in early 1999 by three brothers (age 31, 28 and 27), is a Franco-American company offering the services of the Internet to the public.


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