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Vital/Census Records  

Records in Abruzzo

This is a region of peninsular Italy stretching between the central Apennines and the Adriatic coast in the area defined by the mouths of the rivers Tronto to the north and Trigno to the south. Of medium size, it borders to the north with the Marches, to the west with Latium, to the south with Molise, while to the east it lies on the Adriatic Sea: it is one of the least populated regions of Italy; its population density is lower than the national average.

Abruzzo Web site

Provinces in Abruzzo


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Professional Research

 • Research in Abruzzo available from My Italian Family
   Provider of research services in Italy.

Folding Maps of Italy

 • Map of Abruzzo available from Our Heritage
   Scale 1:250.000, 70cm H x 100cm W

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