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Recent Additions to Greek Genealogy

  Greek Area Code Lookup: Search for either the name of a city in Greece, or an area code to see the cities.

The term Lixiarheion is used in Greek to describe vital records. Read our overview to learn about obtaining Greek records including Census and Notary.

An excellent source of information, you might want to contact the local Greek Embassy in your country. We've assembled a list of embassies abroad.

If you are having trouble locating records on your Greek ancestors, it may be because you are looking for the wrong name! Try out the Greek First Name Translator we've put together.

Planning a Trip to Greece?

Check out the Greek Travel Center sponsored by; where you'll find all the information you need to plan a trip.

Greek Genealogy Yahoo! Club

What is the Greek Genealogy Yahoo! Club? It's your place to build relationships and interact; Post news on our own message boards; Get up-to-date in our chat room; Stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers. Join Today!

** If you have original material about Greek genealogy you would like to share, send us ideas!


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