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Military Records  

Italians Involved in the Barbary Wars

The Forgotten Wars

Provided by: Mike Bacarella

Though our concerns are the Sicilian and Neapolitan men here is a little history on the subject to get a sense of the times… These events were over shadowed by the Napoleonic wars which could explain the reason why the Sicilian/American alliance was overlooked all these years.

I hope these lists will get your blood flowing again. Remember this represents over 1/10th of the fighting forces of the US Navy in the Tripoli war at the time. I hope it will raise the public awareness about us.

Volunteers with General Eaton in his expedition to Derne, Tripoli 1804-1805

Men Serving On US Ships from 1803 To 1805

The Marine Band: February 17, 1805

Men Serving On Sicilian Gunboats and Mortar Boats

One of the reasons that all this information was left behind in American history was that much of the records covering the war were destroyed when the British burned Washington in 1812. The only sources available by way of uniforms is a black and white 1922 silent movie entitled The USS Constitution that shows American officers and naval personnel in their uniforms and Sicilians as fishermen.

About Michael Bacarella

Mike is the author of "Italactors: 101 Years of Italian Americans in Entertainment," a directory of 630 Italian Americans in motion pictures and TV, and "Lincoln's Foreign Legion: The 39th New York Infantry, the Garibaldi Guard," a great narritive of the 39th.


Italactors: 101 Years of Italian Americans in Entertainment The first and only directory of its kind, lists the names, mini-bios, and major credits of Italian American actors, directors, producers, composers, cartoonists, and singers, who contributed to American movies, television, radio, the stage and the recording industry in the 20th century. Softcover, 276 pages. $15.00 (includes postage and handling.)

Purchase this book from the NIAF web site

SPECIAL OFFER: Contact Mr. Bacarella directly and purchase an autographed copy of Italactors. The price is the same.

"Lincoln's Foreign Legion"

Lincoln's Foreign Legion: The 39th New York Infantry, the Garibaldi Guard Mr. Bacarella has written a great narritive of the 39th. It is one of the best regimental histories I have read. He gives the day to day happinings of a regiment in battle and in camp. The 39th was one of the most unusual regiments in federal service during the American Civil War, and Mr. Bacarella has done the men & woman of the regiment justice!

Purchase this book from the



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