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Civilian Records  


VitalChek Network has a network setup to help people get certified copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and other vital records. The VitalChek web site provides the information on how to obtain vital records from their participating agencies.

Their site is updated daily to provide you with accurate information, however prices, phone numbers and even addresses are subject to change without notice.

Turn Around Time - The time required for an agency to find, reproduce, and ship your document varies from state to state. During peak workload the turn around time may stretch to several days or weeks.

OverNight Delivery - The document requested will be shipped via an overnight carrier after the document has been located and copied. The time to locate and copy a document varies from one day to several weeks depending on the workload at the particular agency.

VitalChek - The Network that works
(800) 255-2414 or




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